Haven in Allyn provides a range of personal care services.
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Assisted Living Services

Our facility is Family Owned and Operated. All Care is overseen and managed by a Registered Nurse.  We can provide Skilled Nursing services, Rehabilitation and physical therapy services. Our exclusive Assisted living facility is intimate and can accommodate 16 residents.  We staff every shift so caregivers can provided personal care with dignity and respect. The staffing ratio (1 caregiver: 4 residents) allows our caregivers the time to get to know our residents and meet their needs. Our goal at the Haven in Allyn is to provide the most excellent care possible. Our passion is to make you happy and comfortable in an environment that is loving, kind, and safe.

Memory Care

When a loved one faces memory loss, confusion, disorientation, due to Dementia or Alzheimer's disease. We understand that a special level of care and compassion is necessary. Here at, The Haven, we provide this unique level of care and compassion. Our staffing ratio allows us the time to engage with each resident (1 caregiver: 4 Residents). Our mission, when providing memory care is to serve the special needs of individuals with Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, and other forms of memory lose. Our unique setting is very calming, with lots of open space, natural light and  plenty of picturesque views. The results: levels of stress and confusion are minimized. 

Adult Day Care

We offer a stimulating social environment while giving primary caregivers a break. Our adult day care is a planned program of activity in a  companionate care setting. It is designed for older adults who require supervised care during the day, or for those who are isolated and lonely. Adult day care provides  daily activity, meals and snacks, socialization with other seniors,  while receiving needed healthcare services. Our staff provides assistance with activities of daily living such as grooming, toilet hygiene, walking, feeding, and medication.  This provides Respite care for the primary care giver and peace of mind, knowing their loved one is in a safe and welcoming environment. Adult Day Services is available 7 days a week. 

Respite Care

Respite care provides temporary relief enabling a primary caregiver a break from the demands of caregiving a sick, aging, or disabled family member. It allows the Primary caregiver the time to handle their own needs. This promotes Self care.  Our respite guest receive the same services as our full time residents. This includes licensed nurse available 24 hours, supervision, meals, snacks, group activities and individual activities. Respite care can be over night, several days or a few weeks.

Home Care Services

Haven in Allyn Home Care agency provides care in the home. Home care services provides support and nurturance which allows aging in place. Services provided includes,  companion care,  medication assistance, Nurse Delegation, personal hygiene and grooming, meal preparation, errands and shopping, transportation,  light housekeeping, pet care and more. Home Care Service is not a one size fits all approach. We know that each client comes with a unique set of needs, our Care management team takes great care in developing a tailored plan to address those specific needs. Home Care is available in Mason, Pierce, an Kitsap County. Please contact us for a in home assessment.